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 Banana Softserve
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 Serving Size: 1
 Preparation Time: 0:05
 Categories: Sugarless Desserts 
 Amount Measure Ingredient Preparation Method
 1  banana ripe
 Place ripe bananas, 1 per serving, directly into the freezer unpeeled.  The
 peel will serve as a protection in the freezer.  Freeze solid.  
 Just before serving, peel off the skin with a small paring knife ( a little
 trickier than it sounds), cut the banana into chunks & place in a blender or
 in a food processor fitted with a steel blade.  Blend until the banana breaks
 up,  passes the icy stage & becomes creamy & whipped with air.  The
 consistency should be that of frozen custard.
 Serve immediately.
 Notes: Variation:  Frozen berries, peaches etc. can be added, but
 for best results it should be at least half banana.