Frozen yogurt substitute
 My husband, who is vegan, makes his own “ice cream” with the following recipe:
 2 cups vanilla or carob soy milk of your choice
 1/2 c. date sugar
 Heaping tablespoon of Wax Orchards peanut-butter fudge sauce (very little
    fat: see note below)
 Mix ingredients thoroughly in blender.  Pour into ice cream maker and freeze
 according to manufacturer’s directions.
 Note on Wax Orchards fudge sauce:  this stuff is a miracle.  It is very
 little fat for the peanut butter fudge and virtually NO fat for the fudge.
 It is sweetened with fruit juices.  You can find it in some health food
 stores and/or “gourmet” stores, or mail order it from Wax Orchards --
 (800) 634-6132.  They make all kinds of other fruit-juice sweetened
 sauces as well.
 This recipe will basically be as low-fat as the soy milk that you choose
 to use.  Obviously, if you use a slightly higher-fat soy milk, a creamier
 product will result.  But, my husband has used WestSoy Lite (2 g of fat
 per cup, I believe) with good results.