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  Categories: Desserts
       Yield: 1 Servings
    3.00 tb Cornstarch
    6.00 c  Milk
    2.67 c  Sugar
    4.00    Eggs
    0.75 ts Salt
   13.00 oz Evaporated milk
    2.00 c  Whipping cream
    3.50 tb Vanilla
   Mix cornstarch with 1/2 cup milk until smooth. Add additional 1 1/2
   cups milk and cook over very low heat until thick and smooth,
   constantly to avoid lumps. Blend sugar, eggs, salt and evaporated
   milk in electric mixer bowl. Add hot cornstarch mixture and beat
   well. Add whipping cream, remaining 4 cups milk and vanilla. Pour
   into gallon electric or hand-crank freezer. Churn and freeze
   according to manufacturer’s directions until firm, then carefully
   remove paddle. Seal ice cream container well. Fill ice cream freezer
   to top with crushed ice and ice cream salt. Cover freezer tightly and
   set aside several hours to let ice cream season. Or spoon ice cream
   into another container which has been chilled and store in home
   freezer to season. Makes about 1 gallon