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                               Truffle Torte
 Recipe By     : -N.JUSTUS <nathan@hogpe.ho.att.com>
 Serving Size  : 1    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Desserts
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
    5      tablespoons   liquid glucose (*)
    5      Tablespoons   rum
    1      pound         luxury chcolate, bittersweet
   20      ounces        whipping cream
    3      ounces        Amaretti biscuits crushed finely with a ro
  (*) You can get this from cake decorating stores OR from the 'chemist'
  (drugstore).  If you REALLY can't get it, you can substitute the thickest
  corn syrup you can find 
  Start off by sprinkling the crushed cookies all over the base of a 9 inch
  cake tin.  Next, break the chcolate into sections and put them in a heat
  proof bowl together with the liquid glucose and the rum. Fit the bowl over
  a pan of barely simmering water, then leave it until the chcolate has
  melted and become quite smooth.  Stir, then take off the heat and leave the
  mixture to cool for five minutes or so until it feels just warm.
  Now, in a separate bowl, beat the cream until very slightly thickened.
  Fold half into the chocolate mixture, then fold that mixture into the rest
  of the cream.  When it is smoothly blended, spoon it into the prepared tin.
  Tap the tin gently to even the mixture out, cover with cling film (plastic
  wrap) and chill overnight.
  Just before serving, run a palette knife (icing spatula/butter knife) round
  the edge to loosen the torte, then give it a good shake and turn the whole
  thing out onto a serving plate.  Don't be nervous about this - it’s very
  well behaved.  To serve, dust the surface with sifted cocoa powder and if
  you like, mark the top into serving sections.  Have some chilled pouring
  cream to go with it; if you have any, a couple of tablespoons of Anmaretti
  liqueur make a wonderful addition to the cream.
  Note:  This torte does freeze well, but since you can make it a couple of
  days ahead of time it doesn't seem necessary.
  I cut the recipe in half and used a 7 inch springform tin.  It worked fine.
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