Date:    Thu, 03 Feb 94 08:06:37 EST
 From:    “P. Brad Smith” <>
 Mexican Beans and Rice
 2 C Cooked black beans 
 1 10oz pkg frozen whole kernel corn 
 1 C raw white rice (can use brown, but should parboil a little)
 1 jar (16oz) thick and chunky mild salsa 
 1.5 C V8 (or you can blend together 3/4 C canned diced tomatos with green 
                         chiles and 3/4 C water)
 1/4 tsp oregano
 1/4 tsp cumin
 Heat oven to 375' Combine all ingredients, stir to mix and bake 
 for 1.25 hours, or until rice is tender, and casserole has 
 started to thicken. Serve with tortillas, fat free sour cream 
 and/or FF cheddar cheese. Enough for four servings.