Date:    Tue, 17 Jan 95 10:17:00 EST
 From:    “Anne.Cox” <>
 This is a variation of something my grandmother used to make with h*m hocks.
 It’s a long way from the original.  This makes approx. 5 qts., enough to
 freeze half or feed a crowd.
 Hopping John in a pressure cooker
 2 c brown basmati rice
 1/2 c wild rice
 1/2 lb. frozen black-eyed peas
 10 oz. bag frozen mustard greens
 10 oz. bag frozen collard greens
 5 1/2 c water
 Spices: 1 t basil, 1 t garlic powder, 1 t to 1 T Old Bay seasoning
 2 cans stewed tomatoes with liquid
 Put the water in the cooker, turn burner to high. Stir in spices.  Rinse
 rices and put in cooker.  Throw in black-eyed peas, greens, and stewed
 tomatoes. Bring to simmer with the top off, stirring occasionally, until
 frozen stuff has thawed somewhat and greens are separated.  Lock the lid down,
 bring to high pressure.  Cook at high pressure for 30 minutes, remove from
 heat and allow natural pressure release.  Adjust seasoning if necessary.
 Tobasco sauce is a must on the table.
 menu suggestions:  spicy tomato soup (I'm busy trying to defat one that had
                                       peanut butter in it)
                    tossed salad with romaine lettuce, canned beets, and
                        artichoke hearts - raspberry vinaigrette dressing
                    corn bread or a crusty garlic bread
                    baked onion side dish, will post later
 I use an 8-qt.cooker, cut recipe in half if you use a smaller cooker.