Date:    Wed, 28 Apr 93 14:53:08 +0700
 From:    Malcolm Moseley <>
 Serves 3 adults as a main course, keeps well and can be eaten cold for lunch
 the next day in pitta or whatever.
 1 large onion, chopped                         1 or 2 cloves garlic
 1tsp dried basil                               1tsp dried oregano
 4 ozs sweetcorn kernels                        15 oz can tomatoes (undrained)
 8 ozs any cooked beans (kidney beans look good in this dish)
 1lb marrow, not too firm                       2 tblsp tomato puree
 This is, apparently, a south american dish. I thought it tasted delicious and
 looked especially good.
 1. In a large saucepan, saute the onions as you wish :-), until softened.
 2. Meanwhile, dice the marrow into fairly large cubes (1' ?).
 3. Add tomatoes, puree, garlic and herbs to the onions and simmer for ten
 minutes (uncovered to thicken the sauce).
 4. Add the marrow and cook until tender, from 10-20 minutes depending on the
 size of the marrow cubes. 
 5. When the marrow is *almost* cooked, add the beans and the sweetcorn and cook
 until the marrow is ready and the mixture is piping hot. Eat sprinkled with
 loads of freshly milled black pepper. 
 NOTE. This is really good when the sauce is nice and thick. If you do need to
 add water during cooking, keep it to a minimum.
 I eat this on it’s own, but it would go well on brown rice.