Date:    Wed, 05 May 93 12:29:01 BST
 From:    Michael Traub <>
 Refried beans and rice
 4 medium sized	cloves garlic, crushed
 1 large		spanish onion, chopped
 1 teaspoon	Chilli powder (or more, or less, or none at all)
 		    or 1 fresh chilli pepper/jalapeno
 1 teaspoon	crushed dried red chillies
 3 teaspoons	cummin
 1 teaspoon	ground black pepper
 1 teaspoon	Vecon liquid Vegetable stock (or similar)
 2 medium	Courgettes, halved and chopped lengthways
 1 teaspoon	Mixed herbs
 1 can		chopped tomatoes
 1 can		Old El-Paso Refried beans (the l__d free ones)
 1 cup		Sweetcorn
 1 tablespoon	Tomato Puree
 1/2 lb		Mushrooms
 1		Green Pepper/Capsicum
 1		Red Pepper/Capsicum
 Soften  the  garlic  and  onion  in  some  water  brought  to the boil in a
 saucepan.  Add  the chillies, cummin and black pepper and fry with the heat
 up  till  well  combined.  Add  the  mushrooms.  the peppers, the vegetable
 stock,  courgettes  and  mixed  herbs  and  cook  with the lid on until the
 courgettes  begin  to  soften.  Note  that  Vecon is “fat-free”. Look for a
 fat-free  stock  when  next  shopping, many stocks are full of fat. Add the
 cans  of  tomatoes and refried beans. Mash the refried beans into the dish.
 Cook  with  the  lid  on  until  a  creamy consistency is achieved. Add the
 sweetcorn  and  keep  the lid removed. Add enough tomato puree to take away
 the  “anaemic”  look  of  the  mixture.  The  dish  should  have the creamy
 consisitency of an Indian Korma, maybe even slightly thicker. I often serve
 it topped with soya yoghurt.