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                           Chicken Potato Caesar Salad
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        1  pound         boneless, skinless chicken breasts
                         Salt and pepper
        2  tablespoons   olive oil
      1/2  pound         new potatoes, boiled, -- drained and sliced
        6  cloves        garlic, mashed and minced
        1  tablespoon    Dijon mustard
        1  tablespoon    white vinegar
                         Lemon juice
        2  tablespoons   mayonnaise
      1/2  cup           olive oil
                         Salt and pepper
                         Minced anchovy fillets
        1  large         head of romaine lettuce, -- washed and dried
                         Finely chopped parsley
                         Whole anchovies
 Slice chicken breasts into strips and season with salt and pepper. In a
 non-stick skillet, heat oil over medium high heat. Add chicken and cook
 until golden brown and chicken is no longer pink in the middle, about 4-5
 minutes. Remove chicken to paper towels to drain. Combine chicken and
 sliced boiled potatoes in a large bowl and set aside.
 For the dressing, combine garlic, mustard, vinegar and two pinches of salt
 in a blender and process. Add mayonnaise and blend together to form a thick
 base. In a slow stream add olive oil through hole in lid. Scrape dressing
 with spatula into a bowl and season to taste with salt, pepper and lemon
 juice. If desired, add anchovy to dressing to create a deeper, saltier
 Toss the chicken and potatoes with 3 or 4 tablespoons of the dressing.
 Place ripped up romaine lettuce leaves in a large bowl and toss with
 several tablespoons of the dressing. Arrange lettuce on a plate and top
 with chicken and potatoes. Garnish with chopped parsley and anchovies, if
 Yield: 2 servings
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