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       Title: Cast Iron Potato Salad
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       Yield: 4 servings
         2 lb red bliss potatoes, --
   :          cooked and cut in half
         2 TB olive oil
         1 md red onion, -- diced
   :          Salt and freshly ground
   :          pepper
       1/4 c  fresh basil chiffonade
   :          Lime -Garlic Vinaigrette:
         2 TB red wine vinegar
         4 TB fresh lime juice
         2    cloves garlic, -- minced
         1 TB Ancho powder
         2 ts honey
       1/4 c  olive oil
   :          Salt and freshly ground
   :          pepper, -- to taste
   On the grill, heat a large cast iron skillet until
   almost smoking add olive oil and onions. Stir onions
   until cooked. Sear potatoes in skillet with onions for
   1 minute, cut side down, or until brown and crisp.
   Remove from heat and transfer potato mixture to a
   mixing bowl. Set the skillet aside. In a blender,
   combine all vinaigrette ingredients except olive oil,
   and blend until smooth. While the motor is still
   running, slowly add olive oil in a thin stream until
   vinaigrette is emulsified. Season to taste with salt
   and pepper. In the mixing bowl combine the potato and
   onions. Toss with Lime-Garlic Vinaigrette. Season with
   salt and pepper. Serve in cast iron skillet.
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