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       Title: Apple Potato Salad
  Categories: Fruits, Potatoes
       Yield: 4 Servings
    4.00    Potatoes, new, small
    4.00    Celery stalks
    1.00    Apple, Delicious
    0.25 c  Dressing, No-Oil
    0.25 ts Dill (optional)
   Slice the potatoes into bitesize pieces and boil until tender, but
   not soft.  Peel the apple and slice into bitesize pieces (sprinkle 
   with lemon juice until ready to use). Chop the celery finely. Cool 
   the potatoes by draining and placing in pan of ice water. Combine all
   ingredients and mix with dressing and dill if desired. I used Medford
   Farms (tm) Creamy Dill No-Oil Dressing. Chill several hours. Quick
   and delicious.
   From the recipe file of Val Rowe MM 6/12/93