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                % Risotto with Peas and Parmigiano, Northern
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 Serving Size  : 4    Preparation Time :0:00
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   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
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           ---           -----BIBA'S ITALIAN KITCHEN,
    5       tb           Unsalted butter
    1       sm           Onion, minced
    2       c            Arborio
    1       c            Dry white wine
    6       c            Chicken broth
    1       c            Peas
    1       tb           Butter
    1       c            Parmesan
   Total cooking time: 15-18 mins. Saute onion in butter
   until soft and translucent. Add arborio; stir to coat.
   Add wine; reduce by turning heat to high. Add 1c
   broth, stirring constantly; lower heat. Add 1/2c broth
   at a time when arborio appears dry, while constantly
   stirring. Toward the end of cooking time, add peas,
   butter and Parmesan. The risotto should be moist and
   juicy but not soupy. Don't add too much broth.
   Delicious.  I cut butter to 3T. You can pretty much do
   whatever you want to with risotto. I didn't have white
   wine-- did a splash of red and it made the rice turn
   purple, so I didn't continue with it and we didn't
   miss the wine.
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