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       Title: Festival Fried Rice
  Categories: Main dish, Side dish
       Yield: 4 servings
       2 sl Bacon; diced
     1/3 c  Sliced green onions
            -- including tops
     1/3 c  Sliced mushrooms
     1/4 c  Diced red or green pepper
     1/4 c  Frozen green peas; thawed
       1    Egg; beaten
       2 c  Cooked rice; chilled
       1 tb Soy sauce
   Cook bacon in large skillet over medium-low heat until crisp.  Increase
   heat to medium.  Add onions, mushrooms, pepper, and peas; stir-fry 1
   minute.  Push vegetables aside; pour egg into skillet and scramble.  Add
   rice and soy sauce; stir until heated, gently separating grains.
   Each serving provides:
   * 181 calories
   * 5.1 grams protein
   * 8.1 grams fat
   * 21.0 grams carbohydrate
   * 370 milligrams sodium
   * 76 milligrams cholesterol
   Source: Cooking with Rice
   Reprinted with permission from The USA Rice Council
   Electronic format courtesy of Karen Mintzias