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       Title: Rice with Poblanos
  Categories: Rice,
       Yield: 8 servings
     1/2 kg Rice
       9 ea Chiles Poblanos
       1 md Onion
       2    Garlic cloves
       6 c  Chicken broth
     1/2 kg Oaxaca cheese
            (subsitute with any kind
            That can be melted)
     1/4 c  Cilantro leaves
       2    Chiles serranos
       3    Green tomatoes
       1 c  Green Peas (chicharos)
       1    Butter stick (90 grs.)
     1/2 c  Vegetable oil
   Peel and deveined 8 poblanos, fill with the cheese and keep. In the
   blender put the tomatoes with one garlic clove, 1/2 onion, chiles
   serranos, 1 chile poblano and the half part of the cilantro.  In a
   large saucepan were you can put the 8 poblanos and the rice, put the
   vegetable oil and fry the rice with the other 1/2 onion and one
   garlic clove.  Warm the broth in the stove (need to be added after
   very hot).  When it is a little gold add the chicharos (green peas).
   Fry a little more time and add the green salsa maded before, add the
   hot broth and put the chiles over the rice and some cilantro, cover
   and cook in middle flame more or less 20 min.
   Patricia Wriedt