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       Title: Romaine, Red Onion, and Fennel Salad with Tart Lime Dress
  Categories: Diabetic, Salads, Vegetables, Side dishes, Vegetarian
       Yield: 4 servings
       6 oz Romaine lettuce;                    1 c  Cauliflowerets;
   1 1/2 c  Fennel bulb; shredded             1/2 c  Red onion; sliced
            -(about 1 large bulb)         
 MMMMM---------------------TART LINE DRESSING--------------------------
     1/2 c  Line juice; fresh                 1/4 ts Salt;
       1 tb Olive oil;                        1/4 ts Ground pepper; fresh
       1 c  Garlic; minced                    1/4 ts Paprika;
   Wash, dry, and tear lettuce into bite-sized pieces.  Arrange lettuce
   pieces in a salad bowl; toss with shredded fennel, cauliflowerets,
   and red onion.  Prepare Tart Lime Dressing.  Sprinkle dressing over
   salad and toss just before serving.
   Combine all ingredients and mix well.
   Food Exchanges per serving:  1 VEGETABLE EXCHANGE + 1 FAT EXCHANGE
   CHO: 7g; PRO: 2g; FAT: 3g; CAL: 60
   Source: The Art of Cooking for the Diabetic by Mary Abbott
   Hess,R.D.,M.S. and Katharine Middleton
   Brought to you and yours via Nancy O'brion and her Meal Master