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       Title: Hearts of Palm Salad
  Categories: Diabetic, Salads, Vegetarian, Vegetables, Side dishes
       Yield: 4 servings
 	  16 oz Can, whole hearts of palm	    1 tb Chopped fresh parsley
       1 sm Sweet green pepper, chopped         2 tb Vegetable oil
       2 oz Jar sliced pimientos drained      1/4 c  Lemon juice
       1    Celery stalk, chopped                    Lettuce leaves
       2    Green onions sliced thin       
   Drain the hearts of palm and cut them into bite-size pieces.  Add
   remaining ingredients except lettuce leaves.  Cover, refrigerate
   overnight. Serve on lettuce leaves.
   1/4 recipe - 90 calories, 1 vegetable, 2 fat exchanges 4 grams
   carbohydrate, 0 protein, 9 fat 27 mg sodium, 125 mg potassium, 0
   Source:  Am. Diabetes Assoc. Holiday Cookbook by Betty Wedman 1986
   Shared but not tested by Elizabeth Rodier, Nov 93