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       Title: Indian Carrot Salad
  Categories: Diabetic, Salads, Vegetables, Vegetarian, Side dishes
       Yield: 8 servings
       1 tb Corn oil                          1/2 ts Garlic; minced
       1 tb Lime juice                          4 c  Carrots; sliced & cooked
     1/2 ts Cumin; ground                     1/2 c  Wheat sprouts or cooked
     1/2 ts Cinnamon                                 Wheat berries; for garnish
     1/4 ts Salt                           
   Whisk oil and lime juice together in large bowl.  Whisk in cumin,
   cinnamon, salt and grlic.  Sir in carrot.  Cover and refregerate
   until cold. Serve chilled, garnished with wheat sprouts.
   Food Exchanges per serving: 2 VEGETABLE EXCHANGES
   CHO: 10g; PRO: 1g; FAT: 2g; CAL: 61;
   Low-sodium diets: This recipe is suitable.
   Source: The Art of Cooking for the Diabetic by Mary Abbot
   Hess.,R.D.,M.S. and Matharine Middleton
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