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       Title: Orange-Jicama Salad
  Categories: Diabetic, Salads, Mexican
       Yield: 2 sweet ones
            Butter lettuce leaves;                   Salt;
       1 tb Fresh orange juice;                      Freshly ground pepper;
       1 lg Orange; peeled/sliced             1/2 c  Red onion; chopped
       1 ts White wine vinegar;                 1 T  Minced fresh cilantro;
       1 c  Jicama; julinanna chopped           3 T  Olive oil;
   Line plates with lettuce.  Top with orange slices.  Mound with jicama.
   Sprinkle with chopped red onion.  Blend juice, vinegar, salt & pepper
   in small bowl.  Whisk in oil in thin stream.  Spoon over salads.
   Garnish with minced cilantro. (I enjoy Jicama as good food with Hot
   sauce for dipping in.)
   (Nancy O’s notes: Jicama was good, but the rest was kinda not my
   taste. It should be done right, but I sort of just dumped it all in a
   bowl and mixed. A salad plate for each serving...too many dishes used
   and no dishwasher!)
   Food Exchanges per serving: 1 FRUIT EXCHANGE + 1 VEGETABLE EXCHANGE +