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                        FRAGRANT SAFFRON PASTA SALAD
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 Serving Size  : 4    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Pasta
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
    8       oz           (240 g) small pasta shapes
    4       ts           Olive oil
            pn           Pure saffron powder or
    1       oz           (30 g) flaked almonds
    2       oz           (60 g) currants
    1                    Garlic clove, crushed
                         Juice of 1 lime
    1       t            Clear honey
      1/4   ts           Ground cumin
      1/4   ts           Ground coriander
    1                    Yellow pepper, de-seeded and
                         Cut into slivers
    1       tb           Finely chopped fresh
    1       tb           Finely chopped fresh mint
    1       tb           Finely chopped fresh
                         Salt and freshly ground
                         Black pepper
                         Fresh coriander leaves, to
   1. Cook the pasta in plenty of lightly salted boiling
   water for a few minutes less than the pack
   instructions. Rinse well with cold water and drain
   thoroughly. Transfer to a serving bowl. 2. Heat the
   oil in a small saucepan and add the saffron, flaked
   almonds, currants and garlic. Cook gently, stirring,
   until the almonds turn a rich nutty brown. Remove from
   the heat and blend in the lime juice, honey, cumin and
   coriander. 3. Gently fold the pasta, pepper slivers
   and fresh herbs into the dressing until lightly
   coated. Season to taste with salt and pepper. 4.
   Refrigerate for 1 hour and then serve the salad,
   garnished with sprigs of fresh coriander.
   Preparation and cooking time: 30 minutes + 1 hour
   Freezing not recommended Use the smallest pasta shapes
   (pastini) you can find for this spicy salad. Italian
   food shops may stock orzo (barley) pasta which
   resemble grains of rice. This beautifully fragrant and
   colourful salad is a good accompaniment to barbecued
   chicken or lamb.
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