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       Title: Low-Fat Macaroni Salad
  Categories: Low fat, Pasta, Salads
       Yield: 8 servings
       1 pk Macaroni, (8-Ounce)
       1 lg Tomato -- diced
     3/4 c  Chopped onions
     3/4 c  Chopped green pepper
     3/4 c  Pimiento-stuffed green
            Olives -- sliced
       1 c  Fat-free Mayonnaise
            Salt and pepper
   Cook the macaroni in a large pot of boiling water until tender but
   still firm.  Drain in a colander; rinse with cold water and drain
   In a large bowl, combine the macaroni with the tomato, onion, green
   pepper, and olives.  Toss Lightly.
   Add enough fat-free mayonnaise to desired moistness. Salt and pepper
   to taste.  Mix well.  Chill for 30 minutes before serving.
   0 Grams of fat.
   Recipe By     : So Fat, Low Fat, No Fat