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 Mom Block’s Stuffed Cabbage
 Recipe By:      Mildred Guss
 Serving Size:   7
 Preparation Time:       0:00
 Categories:     Jewish Holidays Main Dishes     Soups/Stews     
 Amount  Measure Ingredient      Preparation Method
 2       lbs     chopped meat    
 1       tsp     salt    
 2       med     onions  grated
 1       tsp     lemon juice     
 3/4     c       uncooked rice   
 1       5 lb    head of cabbage 
 1       8 oz    can tomato sauce        
 1       6 oz    can tomato paste        
 1/2     c       chili sauce     
 6       tbsps   grape jam       
 1 1/2   tsps    salt    
 Boil cabbage head, covered, for about 5 min. so that leaves are soft enough to
 MEAT FILLING:  Combine meat, salt, 1 grated onion, lemon juice, and rice.
 For cocktail size stuffed cabbage, cut cabbage (large) leaves in half and fill
 with about 1 T. of meat filling.  Fold top of leaf over to cover meat, fold
 both sides over and roll.
 SAUCE:  Combine 2nd onion, tomato sauce, tomato paste, chili sauce, jam, and
 Line large pot with a few outside cabbage leaves so the stuffed cabbages won't
 stick to pot and burn.  Arrange loose ends down to prevent unrolling.  Add
 sauce and enough water to cover.  Bring to boil, then simmer for 2 1/2 - 3
 NOTE:  Cabbage can also be shredded more and put into pot with other
 ingredients to make cabbage soup!