Asparagus Bundles
 Asparagus tips
 phyllo pastry
 Steam fresh asparagus tips for about 2-3 minutes and refresh under cold 
 water.  Remove the phyllo from the refrigerator.  Have a damp towel ready 
 on the counter for the phyllo.  Remove the phyllo and unwrap. Immediately
 place it on the damp towel.  Cut one phyllo sheet in half.  Brush both 
 sides with some butter.  Starting from the long end, in about an inch, 
 put 5-7 asparagus tips on the phyllo.  Season with some salt and pepper or 
 lemon and pepper. Fold the sides over the asparagus and roll up.
 Place bundles on a buttered cookie sheet or bake pan.  Bake the bundles at
 425 degrees for about 10 minutes, or until they brown.  Make a hollandaise
 sauce to pour over the bundles.