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      title: nuclear deviled corn
 categories: vegetarian, vegetable
   servings: 6
       6    fresh corn ear
     1/2 t  celery seed
     1/2 t  dry mustard
       1 t  paprika
     1/4 t  cayenne
       2 t  brown sugar
     1/4 t  salt
       1 t  corn oil
       1 t  unsalted butter
 arrange each ear of corn on a piece of plastic wrap
 combine remaining ingredients and stir just to mix
 brush corn well with seasoning mixture
 wrap tightly
 arrange in a triangle pattern, 2 layers deep, in a microwave cook on high
 for 6 minutes
 turn and rearrange corn so that inside of ears are now outside
 cook on high for another 6 minutes
 allow to rest for 5 minutes
 remove from oven, remove and discard plastic wrap
 serve hot