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       Title: Eggplants with Labaneh
  Categories: auberginen, delikatesse
       Yield: 6 persons
       2 ea eggplants
       1 tb coarse salt
       1 c  flour
       2 c  oil
       4 tb olive oil
       2 tb pine seeds
   First you slice the eggplants without peeling them, about 1/2 inch 
   Put them in a slieve and sprinkle them generously with salt (if 
   coarse sea salt, but any other salt would do). Let the bitter fluid 
   After one hour you wash the eggplants with running water.              
   You dry the slices with a towel. Dip them in the flour and deep fry 
 them in
    the boiling oil.                                                      
   Recover the slices, put them on baking paper or directly on a serving  
   plate, one next to the other.                                          
   When the plate is full, take your prepared Labane, and distribute it 
   rings on the slices like the topping of a cake. Leave an empty space 
 in the
   In the meantime heat the olive oil in a small pan, do not overheat. 
 Add the
    pine seeds. Be                                                        
    careful not to burn them but only to slightly brown them. Immediately 
    off the heat and distribute with a tablespoon some pine seeds and 
   olive oil over the eggplant slices with the Labaneh.                   
   Serve immediately.                                                     
   An absolutely delicious and easy (once you tested it and know all the  
   little tricks) apperitif for as many guests as you like, when they 
   Calculate 2 slices per person.                                         
   Contributor:  Ulrich W. Sahm
   Preparation Time:  00:10
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