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       Title: Yummy Eggplant-Patlilya
  Categories: vegetables
       Yield: 1 serving
       1 md eggplant, blanched; till
            Plunge in ice water; to cool
            peel &  chop very finely
     1/4 c  olive oil in  skillet; add
       1 md onion; finely chopped
     1/4 c  chopped shallots
       1    garlic; finely chopped
            and the eggplant
            Saute until quite dry; add:
     1/4 c  tomato paste
   Stir to combine thoroughly.
   Simmer the mixture until it is very thick
   and almost sticking to the pan.  Season to
   taste with salt and freshly ground pepper,
   a Tablespoon of sugar and 3 Tablespoons lemonjuice.
   Cool and chill.  Serve on greens with a garnish of the yolks and whites of
   2 hardboiled eggs,
   chopped separately, chopped onion, chopped
   parsley, then drizzle olive oil over the top
   and garnish with paper-thin lemon slices.
   This is a delicious appetizer and a very good
   spread for bread or crisp toast."
   I served it on french bread without any garnishes and I picture it on focac
   cia sprinkled with sesame seeds and parsley
   or maybe a wee bit of lemon basil.  And
   I used my processor where appropriate.
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   Contributor:  DDMmom
   Preparation Time:  0:00