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       Title: Eggplant Parmigiana Alla Napoletana
  Categories: Main dish, Vegetables
       Yield: 4 portions
      40 oz Tomato puree
       1 tb Tomato paste
       1 tb Parsley, chopped
     1/2 ts Sweet Basil, ground
     1/2 ts Oregano, ground
       2    Garlic cloves, chopped
            Salt and pepper, to taste
       1 lg Eggplant
            Salt as needed
       1 c  Flour
       3    Eggs, beaten
       2 c  Bread crumbs
     3/4 c  Olive Oil
       8 oz Mozzarella Cheese, shredded
     1/2 c  Parmesan cheese, grated
   Combine first eight ingredients and heat over medium heat for about 20
   minutes.  Be careful, not to scorch.  Reserve.
   Place 1/2 sliced eggplant on rack; sprinkle lightly with salt.  Let
   stand for about 20 minutes so bitter juice can run off.  Rinse each
   slice and pat dry.  Coat each slice with flour; dip in egg; then coat
   lightly with bread crumbs.
   Heat oil in heavy skillet (oil should be 1/2 deep).  When oil is
   hot, add eggplant slices.  Heat 2 minutes on each side or until soft
   and golden. Reserve slices on paper toweling to absorb excess oil.
   Place about 1/2 reserved tomato sauce over bottom of baking dish
   sprayed with cooking spray.  Place eggplant in layers in dish;
   sprinkle each layer with cheeses, alternate layers until all
   ingredients are used, reserving a little of each cheese for top.
   Cover lightly with remaining sauce and reserved cheeses.  Bake at
   325F. for 30 minutes.
   SOURCE:  American Academy of Chefs--J. Spina, Chef