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       Title: % Nicoise Green Beans
  Categories: Veggies, Favorites, Vegetarian
       Yield: 4 ? guessed
 ---------------LINDA MCCARTNEY HOME COOKING---------------
       2 T  Olive oil
       1 md Onion, chpd
       2    Ribs celery, chpd
       1 lb Green beans
      16 oz Cn tomatoes, chpd
       4 T  Vegetable stock
       1    Bay leaf
     1/2 c  Parsley, chpd
            Salt and pepper
   Serve with rice, mashed potatoes, or potato pancakes.
   Prep: 35 mins
   Heat oil in frying pan; gently saute onions and celery
   until lightly browned.
   Boil or steam beans until tender, 10 mins; drain and
   set aside. Add tomatoes, stock, bay leaf and parsley
   to saute. Stir well;p simmer 20 mins uncovered. Season
   to taste. Add beans to sauce and stir well. Bring back
   to simmer and cook 2 mins.
   Good source of vitamin A and C.
   This was really delicious. Cut olive oil to 1t. I
   drained the tomatoes and used about 5T of the juice in
   place of 4T vegetable stock.