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       Title: HASHED HOMINY
       Yield: 4 servings
 -------------------SPIRIT OF THE HARVEST-------------------
       3 tb Bacon drippings
       2 c  Cooked hominy, drained
       2    Thinly sliced green onions
       4    Eggs, beaten
            Salt and pepper
   Heat drippings in a 10 nonstick or well-seasoned iron
   skille over med. heat.  Add hominy and green onions.
   Saute until lightly browned. Pour in eggs and season
   with salt and pepper.   Stir, then allow eggs to set.
   Turn mixture with a pancake turner and allow to brown
   lightly on the other side. Serve with bacon and
   biscuits or corn bread for breakfast or brunch. Hashed
   Hominy is also a good luncheon or dinner dish if you
   add a watercress salad.
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