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  Categories: Vegetables
       Yield: 3 onions
       3    Grapefruit sized onions
       3 tb Brown sugar
       3 tb Butter melted
            Salt and Pepper
   Carefully skin the onions and cut the root end so the
   onion will sit upright. Cut the stem end flat and core
   out the center of the onion with a mellon baller or
   small spoon. Put onion in a close fitting heatproof
   Place 1 Tablespoon of sugar into the center and cover
   the sugar with a drizzle of butter or margarine, shake
   on the salt and pepper. Bake (usually in the toaster
   oven) until soft and creamy, about 45 minutes.
   Options: Reduce the sugar or increase the sugar.
   :       Sprinkle with good chili powder, ancho or
   :       Cover the onions with foil and cook them on
   the grill.
   :       Cook onions in skillet until semi soft and
   place them on a cookie sheet or tray and freeze them.
   They will freeze individually, then remove them to a
   plastic bag. Keep them in the freezer, when your
   recipe calls for some onions, (say in a tomato sauce)
   reach in and grab a handful of these.