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                            Chocolate Blood Cake
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   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
    1      large   bar   white chocolate  (500g at least)
    1      Bottle        red food colouring
                         a vast number of red smarties (or M&M’s if
                          you cant get
                         Icing (frosting for you USA types)
    1      tub           strawberry ice cream
                         A set of plastic vampire teeth
 Dead simple this. Make up the sponge mix but add loads of red food
 colouring to get the mixture nice and blood like. Next, add about 400g
 of the chocolate (melted of course) to the sponge mix, adding more
 food colouring if the mixture seems to be getting too pinky. Allow to
 cook for the normal length of time. Make up quite a bit of icing in
 the meantime (adding the final 100g of chocolate to this) and colour
 this red also.
 When the cake has cooked, allow to cool for about 1 hour and then cut
 in 1/2. taking the top half, pour the icing over and allow to set
 pretty randomly, but place the vampire teeth in the icing where they
 will cause maximum effect (in the centre is usually a good bet).
 Before you serve this cake, place a generous layer of the ice-cream on
 top of the bottom layer and replace the top. serve with extra scoops
 of the ice cream and strawberry sauce.   
 (Copyright G.Haman , University of York Cake Society Novelty Rep.
 Whoops. Forgot to say mix the smarties into the cake mix, and stick a
 few  more in the icing. And remember use RED ones (you can really
 freak ppl out by telling them they are blood clots!)
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 NOTES : Okay ppl. Time for another one of my Bizarre recepies. Again you'll
        need the basic mic for a sponge cake (and if you dont know it, shame
        on you)  but also: