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       Title: Pineapple Baked Beans
  Categories: Crockpot, Beans, Meats
       Yield: 6 Servings
       1 lb Ground beef
       1 cn (28 oz.) baked beans
       1 cn (8 oz.) pineapple tidbits,
       1    Jar (4 1/2 oz.) sliced
            -mushrooms, drained
       1 lg Onion, chopped
       1 lg Green pepper, chopped
     1/2 c  Barbecue sauce
       2 tb Soy sauce
       1    Garlic clove, minced
     1/2 ts Salt
     1/4 ts Pepper
   In a skillet, brown beef; drain.  Transfer to a 5 qt.
   slow cooker.  Add remaining ingredients and mix well.
   Cover and cook on low for 4-8 hours or until bubbly.
   Serve in bowls.  Yield: 6-8 main dish or 12-16
   side-dish serving.  Typed in MMFormat by
   cjhartlin@msn.com  Source: Quick Cooking