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       Title: Marinated Chicken And Pork
  Categories: Crockpot
       Yield: 6 servings
         3 lb boneless skinless chicken
   :          breast halves -- cut in
         1    “ cubes
         1 lb lean boneless pork -- cut in
         1    ” cubes
         1 c  dry red wine
       1/2 ts black pepper
         3 c  beef broth
         2    cloves garlic -- crushed
         3    tomatoes -- chopped
       1/2 ts dried rosemary -- crumbled
         1 ts salt
   Place chicken pieces and pork cubes in a large bowl.
   Mix all other ingredients thoroughly, pour over
   chicken and pork.  Allow meat to marinate in sauce for
   about 2 hours or overnight in refrigerator. Transfer
   chicken, pork and marinade to cooker. Cover pot, turn
   on LOW and cook 6-8 hours or until chicken and pork
   are thoroughly cooked.
   Recipe By     : Crockpot Cooking by Barbara Blitz
   From: Rooby <rooby@shell.Masterpiece.Codate: Sun, 27
   Oct 1996 02:11:10 -0700