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       Title: Crock-O-Magic
  Categories: Low-fat, Soups, Xxcarol, Crockpot
       Yield: 8 Servings
       1 ea Whole leek, wash and chop
       1 ea Leftover lettuce, chop
       1 ea Fistfuls of leftover cabbage
       2 ea Chopped leftover carrots
       1 ea Wilting potato, chopped
       1 ea Fistful leftover lima beans
       1 ea Leftover yellow/green squash
       1 ea Leftover turnip, chopped
       1 ea Almost overripe tomato, chop
       1 ea Apple, wilting, remove bad
            Spots and chop
       1 ea Fistful dry rice or 1 cup
            Cooked rice
            Water to cover
   This is true magic.  Its called making food that you will like, out of
   leftovers you would otherwise toss out.  This recipe is spawned off of one
   popular in the depression era.  The trick is to toss everything you have
   about to be no longer usable, into the crockpot and then cover with water
   and slowcook it for 12 hours on low.
   This one also takes well to the addition of leftover ribs, or just the
   leftover rib bones for flavoring.
   Nutritional information:  Low fat, low sodium (pending on additions made),
   Serve with a small portion of smoked salmon salad on stone ground wheat
   crackers and a glass of iced tea.
   From the kitchen of: xxcarol