1/2 lb ground veal + 1/2 lb. ground pork or beef
 1 lrge potato
 salt & pepper to taste.
 i med onion, chopped
 garlic to taste
 1/2 tsp. thyme & sage
 boil meat, with cut up potato, onion & spices, in about 1/2 c water
 until it looses it’s pinkness.  cool. place ready made pastry in 9 inch
 pie plate, add meat mixture, cover with top pastry; brush with beaten
 egg and a bit of water; bake in 375 oven ..45 minutes or until pastry is
 golden brown.
 Notes: In the 60’s Robin Hood flour printed this recipe along with many 
 other xmas recipes. i've used it solely for many years.