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       Title: Raised Pork Pie
  Categories: Pork, Pies, Nz
       Yield: 1 servings
       1 lb Pork (lean and fat mixed)
            Salt and pepper
       1 ts Mixed dried herbs
     1/4 pt Jellied stock (made from
            -pork bones)
 MMMMM----------------------HOT WATER CRUST---------------------------
       1 lb Plain flour
       1 ts Salt
       7 oz Lard
   7 1/2 fl Milk and warm water (mixed
            -in equal proportions)
            Milk (for glaze) - optional
            A jar
   Dice pork for filling, season well and add herbs. For hot water crust:
   warm a mixing bowl and sift in flour and salt, make a well in the
   centre of the flour. Heat lard in milk and water. When just boiling,
   pour into the well in the flour, stir quickly with a wooden spoon
   until thick, then work with hand to a dough. Turn on to a board or
   table, cut off a quarter of the dough, put it back in the bowl and
   cover with a cloth.
   Pat out the rest of dough with the fist to a thick round, set a large
   jar in the centre and work dough up sides. Let dough cool then gently
   lift out jar.  Fill dough case with meat mixture. Roll or pat out
   remaining dough to form a lid, leave a small hole in it, then put on
   top of pie, seal edges. Glaze with milk if wished.
   Slide pie on to a baking sheet and bake in pre-set oven for 1-1 1/2
   hours at 350 F.  If pie is getting too brown, cover with damp
   greasproof paper towards end of cooking time. Leave till cool before
   placing a funnel in hole in lid and filling up with jellied stock.
   WATCHPOINT You must work quickly and mould pastry while it is still
   warm, otherwise lard sets and pastry becomes brittle. (I make small
   ones using small jars or straight sided glasses)
   Origin: Cordon Bleu (Second Edition) Volume II, Book 36, Page 8
   Doreen Randal, 135 Ikitara Road, Wanganui    5001, New Zealand