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       Title: Chicken Mushroom Pie with Dill Crust
  Categories: Poultry, Casseroles
       Yield: 6 servings
   2 1/2 c  Chicken; diced cooked               1 ts Steak sauce
       1 c  Cream of celery soup              1/2 ts Marjoram; crumbled
       2    Jars Mushrooms; (2.5 oz. eac      1/2 pk Piecrust mix
     1/2 c  Celery; sliced                    1/2 ts Dillweed
     1/2 c  Green pepper; diced            
   DIRECTIONS: Combine chicken, celery soup, mushrooms with liquid, celery,
   green pepper, steak sauce and marjoram in a large skillet. Heat slowly
   until bubbly hot, about 10 minutes. Turn into a 4-cup shallow baking dish.
   Prepare piecrust mix, following label directions, adding dillweed with wa-
   ter.  Roll out to fit top of baking dish; cover pie; turn edge under, flush
   with rim; flute.  Cut a 6-inch “X” in center of pastry. Fold corners back.
   Bake in a very hot oven (450^F.) for 20 minutes or until crust is golden
   brown. Let stand 10 minutes before serving.