Pie Crust:
 Tenderflake recipe is good or your fave
 Pie Filling:
 1/4 cup butter
 2 med onions
 1/2 cup celery
 2 cups 1 cubed cooked turkey
 2 cups Broccoli flowers and stem (dice stem)
 1 cup semi-cooked diced carrots
 1 cup sliced mushrooms
 1/2 tsp. sage
 fresh ground pepper
 Sauce (approx measurements):
 1/4 cup butter
 2 tbsp. flour (approx)
 1.5 cups slightly soured whipping cream
 1.5 cups 1% milk
 (you could use 1/2 and 1/2 or just milk with a bit of sour cream added)
 1 cup cubed old cheddar
 1 cup cubed Velveeta
 gourmet mixed pepper or fresh ground black pepper
 salt to taste
 Fry onions and celery in butter until tender, add cubed turkey and fry for
 a minute or two, add diced broccoli stems, carrots, sage, and pepper. Peas
 would be a nice addition to this also.
 Make your roux, add the cream and milk and stir over a low heat until it
 thickens; add more milk if too thick. Add cubed cheeses and stir over a low
 heat until cheese melts; stir in pepper and salt. The slightly soured cream
 added a nice flavour.
 Combine sauce with pie filling and stir in Broccoli flowers. Fill pie
 shell, cover with crust, brush with egg/milk mixture, pierce in a couple of
 places with a fork, and bake for approximately one hour 350 degrees.