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       Title: Green Tomato Omelet with Basil
  Categories: Vegetables, Vegetarian
       Yield: 4 servings
       1 lb Green tomatoes
            - sliced 1/2-in thick
            Cornmeal or flour
            Light olive oil; for the pan
            -=OR=- Butter
       6 lg Eggs
       3 tb Chopped scallions
       2 tb Fresh basil or lovage leaves
            - torn or finely sliced
            - (or more if desired)
            Salt & freshly ground pepper
            Sprigs of basil or lovage
            - (for garnish)
   DREDGE THE TOMATOES in the cornmeal or flour. Heat enough oil in a
   10-inch non-stick pan to cover the surface. Fry the tomatoes briefly
   on each side until they are lightly colored. Don't let them get soft.
   While the tomatoes are frying, lightly beat the eggs with the
   scallions and basil or lovage. Season with salt and pepper. Pour them
   over the tomatoes. Let the eggs sit for about a minute, then give the
   pan a shake to loosen the bottom. Cook over medium-low heat until the
   eggs are nicely colored on the bottom, then slide the omelet onto a
   large plate. Place the pan over the plate, invert it and return to
   the heat to cook the other side. When done, turn the omelet out onto
   a serving plate and serve sliced in wedges and garnished with fresh
   sprigs of the herb you have used.