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       Title: Hard-Boiled Eggs
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       Yield: 1 recipe
   ************** LET'S COOK IT RIGHT IN THE SHELL ******************
   *********** COLD WATER METHOD - PERFECT EVERY TIME ***********
   1.  Place eggs in saucepan and cover to depth of about 1 inch with
   cold water.  Use small pan for 1 to 4 eggs.
   2.  Bring to boiling point, cover pan and set off heat or reduce
   temperature to keep water below simmering point.
   3.  Start to time eggs immediately. For Grade A large eggs, allow 3,4
   or 5 minutes for a soft, medium thick or firm yolk;  For Extra large
   1/2 minute longer; for a Medium egg 1/2 minute less.
   4.  If eggs cannot be served immediately DIP in cold water to stop
   cooking, otherwise they continue to cook when removed from hot water.
   5.  To hard cook eggs allow 25 minutes for large adding
   approximiately 3 minutes more for Extra large or deducting 3 minutes
   for Medium size. Allow less cooking time for small eggs.  Chill in
   cold water.
   **************TO TEST HARD-COOKED EGGS******************
   A trick to use when hard-cooking eggs, if you forget to time them, is
   to insert a toothpick or small skewer through egg shell to centre of
   yolk. If pick comes out clean, egg is hard-cooked, otherwise sprinkle
   hole liberally with salt and continue cooking until done.
   Kathleen Pickell                                     96MAY11