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                               PICKLED TONGUE
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 Serving Size  : 6    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Beef
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    1                    Beef Tongue NOTE!!
   This is a favorite dish of my family’s, especially on
   holidays like Easter and Christmas. Most people cringe
   at the idea of eating a cow’s tongue, but actually the
   meat is very tender, and even if you have to close
   your eyes and plug your nose to try it, please do. I
   guarantee it won't be what you expect!
   3C. Red Wine Vinegar                      Make sure to
   use glass 1 2 Bulbs Garlic
                           bowls and pans when cooking 1
   1/2C. Virgin Olive Oil                  the tongue, as
   metal will 1/4C. Parsley (dried or fresh)
   :         change the flavor of the 3/4T. Sweet Basil
   meat, leaving it tasting 1/2T. Rosemary metallic. Salt
   and Pepper to taste
   1. Place tongue in glass saucepan with enough water to
   cover it.
   2. Bring water to boil slowly over a medium heat and
   continue boiling for approx. 45 min.- hour.
   3. While the tongue is boiling, prepare the marinade
   in a glass bowl.
   4. In bowl, combine the olive oil and red wine
   vinegar. Use a garlic press to crush the cloves, or
   you can crush them with the flat side of a knife.
   rest of the herbs and spices.
   6. When the tongue has cooled enough to handle, peel
   by slicing thinly with a sharp paring knife, removing
   all the taste buds and the fat at the base of the
   tongue. Then proceed in slicing the tongue widthwise.
   lid, and layer with the marinade.
   8. Put the mixture in the fridge with the lid on and
   allow it to remain there, unopened for at least 4 days.
   9. When you are ready to serve the tongue, remove it
   from the fridge an hour before, as this dish is best
   at room temp.
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