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  Categories: Beef, Garlic, Main dish, Italian
       Yield: 12 Servings
    1.00 ea Sirloin Tip Roast-3# or more
    4.50 c  Water
    4.00 tb Dried Parsley Flakes
    3.00 tb Oregano
    1.50 ts Basil
    1.00 ts Red Pepper Flakes
   12.00 ea Garlic Cloves (split)
    3.00 ea Cubes of Beef Broth
    3.00 ea Cubes of Chicken Broth
    1.00 ts Salt
    1.00 ts Pepper
   NOTE: the spice measurements are approximate and can be adjusted to
   taste. Put spices and 3-4 cups of water in a roasting pan.  Lightly
   rub a little salt and pepper into roast.  Place on rack in roasting
   pan.  Be sure rack holds roast up out of water.  Roast @ 325 for 15
   min/per pound.  Add water as needed ( probably only for a very large
   roast ). Remove from oven and cool completely.  Take to butcher and
   have him slice it very thin. Strain sauce ( do not press spices in
   strainer ).  Heat sauce and dip meat in and put on french bread or
   fr. bread rolls.