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  Categories: Bar-b-q, Meats, Main dish
       Yield: 6 servings
       6 lb Beef brisket
            Smoker for cooking
      10 lb Charcoal
     1/4 lb Mesquite wood
            Basting sauce
            Barbecue sauce
   This is a perfect way to spend a day, and makes a meal
   fit for a king!
   It really takes a smoker to make this successfully,
   but creative folks can use whatever’s handy.
   Select a good quality beef brisket.  Trim off excess
   fat and store in refrigerator until ready to barbecue.
   If you wish, marinade the meat for additional flavor
   or tenderness. A good marinade can consist of water,
   Worcestershire Sauce, Soy Sauce, pepper, lime or lemon
   juice - whatever you like!  (No Salt, though)
   Start 8 lbs. of the charcoal and allow coals to
   develop gray ash over all before beginning to cook.
   Reserve the remaining 2 lbs. for adding when needed
   later.  Add wood that has been soaking in water for an
   hour or so.
   Cook the meat on a grate approx. 8 inches over the
   coals, adding charcoal and wood to fire as needed.  It
   isn't necessary to keep a heavy smoke at all times,
   just 1/2 of the cooking time.  Use a meat thermometer
   to determine doneness of meat to your preference.  If
   the smoker has an indicator for temperature, a low
   heat is fine.  Coals and wood tend to burn at lower
   temperatures when enclosed in a smoker.
     While cooking, it is essential to baste often with
   the basting sauce. Usually every 10 minutes or even
   less will ensure a juicy and delicious brisket.
     If basting with another sauce, remember that
   anything containing sugar or tomato will burn, leaving
   a scorched flavor.  That’s especially true with meats
   cooked over long periods of time.
     Serve with the warmed barbecue sauce and breads,
   beans, salad or potatoes.
   Enjoy!    Jeff Duke