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       Title: BARBEQUE PORK
  Categories: Pork, Barbeque
       Yield: 8 Servings
       1 lb Pork tenderloin
       2 tb Honey
       3 tb Light soy sauce
       2 tb Hoisin sauce
       2 tb Catsup
       1 ts Dark soy sauce
       1 tb Sherry
       1    Clove garlic; mashed
       1 tb Sugar
   trim meat and cut into strips about 2 wide and 6
   long. Combine remaining ingredients in bowl; pour over
   pork and marinate 2+ hours. Skewer pork with steel
   hangers and hang onto top rack of oven over shallow
   roasting pan containing a few inches of water. Preheat
   oven to 425 for 10 minutes. Roast pork 20 minutes.
   With baster, coat with drippings every 5 minutes.
   Reduce heat to 325 and roast 5 minutes more.  Slice
   each strip diagonally against the grain into 1/4
   pieces. Serve cold. Dip with Chinese hot mustard and
   sesame seeds. I LOVE THIS RECIPE! Mike Crouch