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       Yield: 4 servings
       4    Pork chops (i prefer thick               -slices
            -ones)                            1/4    Water (approx)
            4-6 potatoes, peeled and            1    Onion, chopped
            -sliced, somewhat thick        
     Heat your pressure cooker on med-high and pour enough   oil in to coat
   bottom.  Once hot, brown the pork chops   until dark but not burned (this
   renders better gravy   and I think they are tastier this way). Make sure to
   brown on all sides possible.  Remove chops to a plate   and reduce heat to
   medium.  Add the sliced potatoes   (beware the hot grease) and the water.
   Stir to coat   the potatoes thoroughly.  Add the onion (don't stir)
     and put the chops on top of all.  Sprinkle with salt   and pepper if you
   like. Put the top on and when the   cooker “bell” rocks, set your timer for
   20 minutes.   Cool the cooker down by running water over the top. Remove
   the chops to your serving plate and potatoes   too. The chops will be very
   tender and the potatoes   will be soaked in the gravy. Serves 4. This is
   not a   real fast recipe because at medium heat, it takes a while for the
   pressure to build enough to rock that   bell on your cooker. You can
   increase the heat but   beware, you might burn those potatoes. My mother
   used   to make this and it is one recipe I seem to have good success in
   duplicating. >From Debbie Carlson      Submitted By KDECK@EPAUS.ISLAND.NET
   (KAREN DECK)  On    17 FEB 1995 221216 ~0500