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       Title: Ginger Chicken
  Categories: Polkadot, Lisa, Chicken
       Yield: 1 Servings
       2 lb Skinless boneless
            -chicken breasts
     1/2 ts Ground ginger
       1    2-inch piece of ginger,
            -peeled & minced
       2 tb Cornstarch
       2 ts Sugar
       4 tb Low-salt soy sauce
       1 tb Dry sherry or rice vinegar
       1 tb Olive oil
       1 lg Onion sliced in rings
     1/2 lb Mushrooms sliced
       1 cn (8 1/2 oz) bamboo shoots
            -drained and sliced in half
       2 tb Olive oil
       2    Cloves garlic crushed
       1    2-inch piece ginger peeled
            -and minced
   1 1/2 c  Chicken stock or bouillon
       1 ts Sugar
       2 tb Cornstarch
   Rinse and dry chicken and rub with ground ginger.  Cut into 1/2-inch
   strips. Combine next 5 ingredients and pour marinade over chicken.
   Cover and refrigerate 30 minutes or more.
   Heat oil in wok or large cast-iron skillet.  Stir-fry onion rings for
   2 minutes.  Add mushrooms and bamboo shoots and stir-fry for 2
   minutes. Remove vegetables and set aside.  Add remaining 2 tbsp olive
   oil, crushed garlic and ginger.  Brown garlic and ginger and discard.
   Add chicken strips and stur-fry a few minutes tto coat with oil.  Add
   marinade and 1 cup chicken stock.  Cover and cook on medium heat
   until chicken is opaque. Whisk sugar, cornstarch and remaining 1/2
   cup chicken stock together. Pour mixture over chicken and cook
   several minutes. Add reserved vegetables, tossing to combine.
   ** From “SPICES make the wonderful difference” by Dorothy Kauffman
   * The Polka Dot Palace BBS 1-201-822-3627.  Posted by LISA