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       Title: Neil’s Burn Lisa’s Mouth Chicken Nuggets
  Categories: Polkadot, Neil, Chicken, Spicy
       Yield: 2 Servings
       1 lb Chicken breast
            Red pepper
            White pepper
            Black pepper
            Cajun Seasoning
   No mess.  No cleaning.  15-20 minute special.
   Defrost chicken.  Preheat oven to 375.  Line cooking tray with
   tinfoil and grease with butter.  (Butter goes back in fridge now.)
   Cut chicken into 1 cubes, or whatever shape looks about right.
   Dump a bunch of bread crumbs in a large freezer bag.
   Put some cajun spices in the bag.  Add red pepper.  Toss in a little
   white pepper and add some more red pepper.  Add some black and white
   pepper in an amount that looks pretty.  Add more red pepper and
   disguise it with the paprika.  Add more cajun spices to cover up the
   mess of red.  Add more bread crumbs and shake.  When everything is
   well-mixed, toss all your chicken works of art into the freezer bag.
   Dance around the kitchen singing the dead chicken song.  Shake bag
   during the refrain.
   Unload half the bag of chicken pieces... only those that got breaded.
   Put them on the tray stupid.
   Play the dead chicken song again and shake more furiously.  (For extra
   fun, add more red pepper.)
   Add the rest of the chicken to the tray.  Everyone should be in little
   rows. If anyone piles up on another chicken, remove the offending
   piece and beat it with the mallet.  Put it back on the tray,
   preferably in the corner.
   Dump tray into stove.  It should be warm enough by now.  Set the
   timer for
        40    minutes and leave.
   15 minutes later... return and remove the chicken.  Serve dinner with
   Coke, preferably flat.  When the alarm goes off, dinner is done.
   Toss the paper plates in the garbage along with the foil from the
   tray. Put all the utensils away -- they aren't dirty.
   All done.
   Source: Neil Clarke’s warped mind
   * The Polka Dot Palace BBS  1-201-822-3627  Posted by NEIL on 07-17-95