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       Title: Prawn Curry
  Categories: Main dish, Seafood
       Yield: 10 servings
       2 lb Medium or small fresh prawns
     1/2 lb Onions
       1 c  Oil
       3 ts Garlic & ginger ground
       2 ts White cummin seeds
       3 ts Red chilli powder
       2 ts Salt
       1 ts Turmeric
       1    Coconut
   Wash prawns and rub in salt and turmeric. Set aside.
   Heat oil, add sliced onion and fry unitl yellow.
   Add all the other spices and fry 2-3 minutes and then add prawns.
   Mix prawns together with the spices and the add either grated coconut,
   ground coconut or using a little water, squeezed out coconut milk.
   If you are using coconut milk, add half cup of hot water, if using grated
   or ground coconut add 1 cup hot water.
   Cover and cook over slow fire until prawns are tender and a very thick
   gravy remains.
   Source: Mughal Cooking
   Compiled by I. Chaudhary