Baked Onaga (Red Snapper)    No. 2116                  Yields 2 Servings
                  SALT CRUST DOUGH:          6 Tbls      Olive Oil
      4 Cups      All-Purpose Flour          3 Cloves    Garlic, Chopped Fine
      2 Cups      Rock Salt                1/2 Cup       White Wine
      3           Egg Whites                 1           Tomato, Peeled, Seeded
      1 Cup       Water                                  & Diced
                  FISH:                      1 Sprig     Tarragon, Chopped Fine
      1 Lb        Spinach, Leaves Only       1 Sprig     Chervil, Chopped Fine
      3 Cloves    Garlic, Chopped Fine       2 Tbls      Green Onions, Chopped
      3 Tbls      Olive Oil                              Fine
      1           Whole Onaga (Long-Tail   1/2 Cup       Ogo (Hawaiian Seaweed)
                  Red Snapper), About 2                  Chopped Fine
                  Lb.                          -         Salt
                  SAUCE:                       -         Pepper
      2           Shallots, Chopped Fine
 Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.
 Sieve the flour into a mixing bowl.
 Add the rock salt, egg whites and half the water.
 Gradually add the remaining water until a stiff dough forms.
 Roll the dough out until it is large enough to to wrap the fish.
 Saute the spinach leaves with garlic and olive oil.
 Season to taste.
 Cool in the refrigerator for a few minutes.
 Debone the fish without removing the head or tail - keep the skin on.
 Fill the fish with spinach.
 Wrap the fish in the rock salt dough.
 Shape the dough in the shape of a fish.
 Bake for 25 minutes.
 Prepare the sauce: Briefly saute the shallots in a saucepan in 1/3 of the
 olive oil.
 Add the garlic and white wine.
 Cook until reduced by half.
 Add all the other ingredients.
 Mix in the remaining olive oil.
 Season to taste.
 At the table, cut the crust lengthwise, removing only the top part of the
 crust (take care not to drop salt crystals on the fish).
 Remove the skin from the fish.
 Serve the fish on individual plates, placing the spinach on top and the sauce
 around the fish.