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       Title: Caruru De Camarao
  Categories: Fish
       Yield: 6 servings
       3 tb Butter
       3 lb Shrimp, medium, shelled
       2 tb Onion chopped
       2 tb Greenpepper,chopped
       2    Tomatoes, chopped,peeled
     1/2 lb Okra, fresh or frozen 10oz*
     1/4 lb Shrimp, dried**
       2 c  Coconut, fresh grated
   1 1/2 c  Boiling water
       2 tb Manioc meal ***
     1/3 c  Olive oil,or spanish oil
     1/3 c  Peanuts, ground,roasted
       2 tb Coriander, fresh  ****
            Pepper, white
   Melt butter in l2 inch skillet over high heat; add shrimp (fresh).
   Cook sterring contantly, until opaque and tender, about 3 minutes.
   Remove shrimp, with slotted spoon to platter; reserve. Reduce heat to
   medium-low; sautee oniom in same skillet, stirring fequently, until
   soft, 5 minutes. Add green pepper, tomatoes, okra and ground shrimp.
   Stir. Pour boiling water over coconut. Mix with manioc meal (can be
   omited, use 2 T plain bread crumbs). Stir into tomato mixture. Simmer
   covered over low heat until okra is tender, about 25 minutes. Add
   reserved shrimp to tomato mixture; cook over medium-low heat,
   stirring constantly, umtil shrimp are hot. Stir in oil, peanuts and
   coriander. Season to taste. * Frozen thawed okra,make sure to cook
   only the minutes recomended by package. ** Ground, dried shrimp is
   found in Oriental grocery stores. *** Manioc meal can be found in New
   York, and some other big cities, but in this recipe only two
   tablespoon is not very inportant, so you can use plain bread crumbs
   for the consistency. **** Coriander can be found in Mexican grocery
   stores, if not use dried. VERA <**> IN 04/01/92 01:46 am