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  1. Baked Crab, Pepper And Spinach Frittata
  2. Baked Crab Potatoes
  3. Baked Stuffed Soft Shell Crabs
  4. Basil’s Crab Cakes, Louisiana-Style
  5. Bayou Lacombe Crab Balls
  6. Beer Battered Soft Shell Crabs With Asian Dipping Sauce
  7. Blackeyed Pea Crabmeat Gorditas with Vinaigrette (Pyles)
  8. Blue Ribbon Crab Quesadillas
  9. Boiled Crabs
  10. Carolines with Asparagus and Lemon
  11. Cheer Up A Crab
  12. Chesapeake Restaurant Crab Cakes
  13. Chili Crab Puff: Ladies Lunch
  14. Chilled Pappa al Pomodoro with Crab Meat Crostini
  15. Chinese King Crab W/ Mushrooms and Snow Peas
  16. Cornmeal-Coated Soft Shell Crab Sand. W/ Adobo Mayo & BP
  17. Crab and Cheese Strata
  18. Crab and Rocket Tart
  19. Crab and Three Cheese Strata
  20. Crab Cakes
  21. Crab Cakes
  22. Crab Cakes
  23. Crab Cakes
  24. Crab Cakes
  25. Crab Cakes
  26. Crab Cakes
  27. Crab Cakes
  28. Crab Cakes
  29. Crab Cakes
  30. Crab Cakes
  31. Crab Cakes (Makes 6)
  32. Crab Cakes Maryland
  33. Crab Cakes With Basil Aioli
  34. Crab Cakes With Basil Mayonnaise
  35. Crab Cakes With Cilantro Butter
  36. Crab cakes with dill mayonnaise
  37. Crab Cakes With Pasilla Chili Aioli
  38. Crab Cakes With Pasilla Chili Aioli
  39. Crab Cakes With Sweet Peppers & Capers
  40. Crab Cakes With Tomato Dill Sauce
  41. Crab Cakes“Oo La La”
  42. Crab Crepes En Casserole
  43. Crab Croquettes
  44. Crab Custard With Lemon Butter Sauce
  45. Crab Delights A La Marinara
  46. Crab Filling
  47. Crab Fritters
  48. Crab Gratin
  49. Crab Imperial
  50. Crab Louis

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